Someone always knew…


When I was young, going on a drive with an adult (parents, of course) was a delightful – if not magical – experience. It always rendered me speechless, especially  when they looked up the heavens and said, “Oh, that side is raining”.

Always, my eyes would follow suit in trying to trace the path of their eyes which bestowed them that information – an innocent’s child’s attempt of trying to figure out The Big World out there.

Sure enough, when we passed the place, it would always be raining.

This boggled, if not mesmerized, me in ways that a child often do when something bright and tinkling were dangled before them.

I always looked at them with sommat of an awe, how on earth did they know? 

For, to my untrained  eyes, all I saw were the clouds – the architectural whites with the backdrop of the wide ocean blue of a sky.

It was only years later that I figured it out: you could detect the slightly heavy gray-er colour clouds among the cloudy whites to know that it’s going to rain. And when the clouds looked like someone had poked through the bubble of the clouds sending a huge portion of it dripping to the ground beneath – a somewhat rare and magnificent sight of the earth and sky seemingly to merge together – then you know that it was raining.

But when you were young, you wouldn’t be able to just simply know that – no, years of experience of going through life would equipped you with that.

And it struck me that thus is life – that someone always knew, much more than our own selves.

From mother to child and teachers to students – it was the years of life that they had bagged along, granted them that wisdom that the young us have lacked.

And so is us with our Creator, our Master, our Rabb: often in life we questioned why the stormy rain in our otherwise sunny, mundane life? Growling, like an angry child often does, when something went the other way to what we had wanted.

Isn’t He our Creator, who knew us more than we know ourselves?

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (QS. Al-Baqarah, 2:216)

So remember, when we go through the ups and downs of life: Someone always knew the reasons to that much better – and that is Allah, our Creator.  



Rayyan Islam


Author: rayyanislam

In order to know who I am, you need to know The One who Created me first - for He knows me much more than I know myself.

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